Blogging is Hard

I cannot seem to focus at all today.

My mind has been avoiding focusing on my school work and yet also seems to dislike the idea of settling on any other thought or activity. It’s like a little kid at an amusement park that can’t seem to decide on which ride to go on first. Except, instead of eventually making a list of favorites and going on each ride one after the other like a somewhat intelligent human being, it just keeps freaking out and running in circles.

“I want to take notes on the reading from last night! No! I want to do some free writing! No! I should clean my room! Do the reading for today! OMG CRAFTS!!!”


And then it crashes completely and I end up blogging instead.

I am actually surprised at how long I have managed to stay fixed on this, especially considering how much grief this site has caused me over the last two days…

…Actually, scratch that. I am the cause of my own grief.

You see, WordPress is brilliant. It may not be the easiest to use, but it is highly professional and has yet to be taken over by Google so it earns two thumbs up in my book. Where I seem to be hitting a wall is on the fact that WordPress is a website, thus it is on the interwebs, thus it is on the computer and computers are not my friends. I’m telling you right now, my incompetence when it comes to technology is astounding.

It took me a total of four and a half hours to get RantsAndRhythms up and running and the first post published. I didn’t even write that poem yesterday. It’s an older work I’ve had sitting around forever. All I had to do was type it up and post it! I swear to God, it took me forever! And don’t even get my started on the “About” page! (Seriously, wtf?) And after finally getting everything set up, I had to navigate the interwebs to find other blogs?!

(this is all especially sad because my father is a software developer)

As you can tell (I think…?) I did eventually figure it out. But I’m not about to say I am an expert so I would like to reach out and ask for some help.

I checked my blog this morning to find that I already have FOUR FOLLOWERS! (I honestly don’t care if it is inappropriate to be so excited) So, first off, I would like to thank you Uncanny Derek, Kimalee Jones, johncoyote, and sfoxwriting. You made my day with the click of a button.

Now, I’m not saying that just because you followed my blog we need to be besties, but if you would like to further add to my happiness I’d appreciate a little help. As I’ve stated, computers and I don’t get along and, despite this, I would like to avoid this conversation with myself:

“Why is blogging so goddamn hard?!”

It’s not that hard, you just suck.

“No, you suck!”

I am your mind.

“You’re right! I suck!”

So, please, help me out and offer any advice you can think of. Anything at all. Even if its just a stream of random words. I will decipher them into wisdom (though, actual wisdom would be preferable).

And now, I must be back to my schoolwork. Or, at least, I must try. I honestly can’t guarantee  anything though considering how today has been going.


Like, actually though…wtf, Emma?

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